LEED 2009 vs. LEEDv4: A Quick Comparison of the Transformation of Sustainable Sites to a New Category Called Location and Linkages

There are significant differences between LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovation in Canada. Today we are going to talk about the old Sustainable Sites Category that changes to Location to Linkages.

There is a new LEEDv4 Credit that rewards projects that are located within the boundary of a LEED ND project. Good luck finding a site that is within a LEED ND development, but if you do, you will doubly rewarded!

The new Site Selection Location and Transportation has restrictions on bike/pedestrian pathways and requirements for things like native habitat restoration and other requirements to restore the site.

The old LEED-CS 2009: SSc2 Development Density and Community Connectivity becomes the LEEDv4: LT Surrounding Density and Diverse Uses Credit.

LEED-CS 2009: SSc3 Brownfield Development becomes LT High Priority Site Intent which encourages project locations in areas with development constraints and promote the health of the surrounding areas. Developments in a historic district; priority designation; or brownfield remediation.

LEED-CS 2009: SSc4.1 Alt. Transportation, Public Transportation Access becomes LEEDv4: LT Access to Quality Transit Intent: encourage development in locations shown to have multimodal transportation choices or otherwise reduced motor vehicle use. Located within walking distance of transit.

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