It’s time to build high-performance and retrofit your existing buildings.

What do you want your real estate assets to do for you?

Most organizations don’t get the performance potential from their real estate assets. 

Are your properties aging?

Let’s say that you own a whole bunch of facilities and some of them don’t perform very well. They are old buildings but the tenants are paying the bills. Are your tenants happy? Will they be happy in a few years’ time when they realize their carbon emissions? Are you getting top dollar for the lease? What is your retrofit strategy? Are you going to pay for it yourself? 

The best design teams use more than one rating system or standard

We help you determine what success looks like and then we create a map to get you there. We usually use a combination of up to five rating systems and standards to measure success along the way.  

Most companies are considering the future cost of carbon. Are you?

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