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We’re catalysts for transformative design. Our goal is to enable Architects to create spaces that radiate sustainability, resilience, and empowerment.

Elevate Design, Drive Change
Envision a world where every architectural marvel also drives positive change. That’s the world we’re crafting. From energy-efficient homes to vibrant community hubs, we infuse each project with game-changing innovation. Our designs don’t just stand; they stand for progress.

Where Vision Becomes Reality
We transcend convention, going beyond benchmarks and norms. Our collaborative approach blends imaginative design with cutting-edge technology and strategic insight. It’s where your vision becomes a reality, and where your goals find their ultimate expression.

Partnering for Impact
By partnering with us, you’re embracing a purpose-driven alliance. We navigate beyond the confines of standard design, offering tailored strategies that align with your objectives. Our dedication to sustainability isn’t just our principle; it’s our commitment to you.

Together, Let’s Shape Tomorrow
Join us on a journey where design isn’t just aesthetics—it’s a conduit for positive change. Together, let’s forge a future that’s greener, brighter, and more impactful.

We have found Sandra’s input valuable in pushing our design team to look at a variety of different solutions to design a better and more sustainable building. Her perspective and contributions have been a catalyst for achieving a high level of energy savings and sustainability in an incredibly complex building. 

Spencer Andres, RPP, MCIP (he/him)

Senior Planner + Project Manager for the Salvation Army’s Harbour Light in Vancouver B.C., CitySpaces

About Us

We have a team of consultants, energy modelers and other experts that would love to talk to help your company design more sustainable buildings.

From Passive House insights to sustainable strategy, energy and financial modeling, grant writing, and project management, we’re your partners in progress.

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