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Building a Greener Future, One Design at a Time

Since 2010, we’ve been a pioneering force in green building consulting, reshaping possibilities for architecture and design. We not only help you make a space environmentally friendly, but also help you use design as a tool for empowerment. With projects spanning Canada and the US, our passion aligns with the Paris Climate Agreement.

At the core, we believe design can be used to create a better future for humanity. Rather than designs that burden and harm, we help you craft buildings that uplift occupants and communities. This approach will align with your forward-thinking clients’ vision of success.

Dare to dream beyond the ordinary; we transcend ratings and standards. Together, we’ll tap into systems thinking and transformative design, forging a future that empowers us all.

Our approach involves guiding Architects through a transformative design process, bolstered by advanced project management tools and energy modeling. From Passive House insights to sustainable strategy, energy and financial modeling, grant writing, and project management, we’re your partners in progress.

Join forces with us; access our expertise in sustainable design and unwavering commitment to your goals. Together, let’s shape spaces that not only meet your needs but radiate sustainability, sparking a movement.

Ready for a revolutionary journey in sustainable design? Connect today to explore how we can collaborate on a legacy of positive impact.

Our Founder

Sandra Leigh Lester

BTech (ArchSci) MCOD
Director of Sustainable Buildings Consulting, & CEO

Sandra is a nationally-recognized green and sustainable buildings expert leader of groundbreaking deep energy retrofits and community transformation projects across Canada for over 30 years.

Her experience covers architectural design, building envelope design, shoebox energy modelling, charrette facilitation, deep retrofit design, grant writing, and project management. Sandra provides sustainable design coaching, green building consulting, energy modeling, and project management services. She is a sought-after guest speaker, facilitator and expert advisor working on projects across North America.

Credentials include: Bachelors of Technology in Architectural Science, Toronto Metropolitan University; Masters Certificate in Organizational Development, York University; Certified Sustainable Building Advisor; CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach; LEED-accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction; and Certified Passive House Designer.

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