Sustainable Building Strategies and Coaching

Invest in a better building, on your own terms.

We will help you determine your objectives. Your decisions will be driven by data and we will help you obtain the data from your team. We have access to a team of specialists that we can bring into your project, on an as-needed basis, including: energy modelling; embodied carbon; and life cycle costing. If you are interested in certification, we will help you achieve the certifications.

Our past clients include Humber River Hospital, HOK Architects, The City of Toronto, and the Salvation Army.

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Life Cycle Assessments

Create a low-embodied-carbon project.

We will do an evaluation of your design, starting early on in the design process. This analysis can be used to identify performance gaps, compare products, make procurement decisions or improve designs, amongst other functions. Low-carbon design is also cost-effective design.

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Who We Work With

We work with Architects, Designers, and Building Owners 


Save time and create award-winning sustainable buildings.

We will work with you and your clients on a phase-by-phase basis, facilitating conversations to reveal your client’s objectives and we’ll help you determine how we can measure success. Whether you are in predesign, concept design, design development, construction documentation or even in construction, we can help. 

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We guide you through optimal design for energy efficiency and optimal occupant health.

We are experts at sustainable interiors, and have experience with green leases and the negotiation for key base building upgrades. We are also excited about the design of efficient smart data-driven workplaces using IOT devices and state-of-the-art digital infrastructure. 

Corporations and NGO’s

Get what you really want, not just a plaque on the wall.

We will always be on your side. You are footing the costs and we will do our best to ensure that the project is designed and executed according to your desired outcomes and performance objectives.

Our expertise will augment your project team and we will work and an impartial advisor to get you results beyond your expectations.


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