Hire Us BEFORE You Hire Your Architect
Mar 7, 2020

You probably have a team of people that work on procurement of everything from the subcontractors to the kitchen sink, but do the same people that procure services for everything else hire your architects?

Hiring an architect is a speciality service that deserves a speciality-level of expertise.

We work hard to keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest trends and best practice in architectural design for high performance so that you don’t have to. Your organization will realize a distinct advantage if you hire us before you hire your architect for your next project.

Will your next facility be one that is perfect for you?
Photograph by Jovana Askrabic via Unsplash

Most organizations simply hire their architects and tell them to meet building code requirements. But if you aren’t looking at the paybacks of various high-performance green and healthy building strategies then you could be missing out. This is a blind spot for most organizations.

“What goals should your Architects be pursuing on your projects? Just a hint, it is not a Certification level.”
~ Sandra Leigh Lester

Do you think that you have it covered by pursuing a LEED certification of your project? That may, or may not, enable you to achieve your objectives. We are passionate about our proprietary discovery process that determines your goals and objectives for a project and then determines the best ways to achieve success.

A certification level doesn’t cover it. Every certification has strengths and weaknesses, and misses certain elements completely. Your organization doesn’t hire people without having them come to an interview, so why would you think that pursuing a simple green building certification would get you what you want? We think that you deserve better than that.

Just like every person has a unique thumbprint, every organization has different priorities… We know that you are unique. We have strategies from over ten different rating systems in our database and thousands of standards and benchmarks that can be used to gauge success. We would will combine them to create a recipe for success that is perfect for YOU.

Want to easily discover your goals for your next project? We have a new FREE assessment tool coming out that will do just that—it is like a Myers Briggs Type Indicator ™ for your project.

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