LEED 2009 – Getting It Done!

We just put in two projects for LEED Certification this afternoon. It feels good! There was over one Gigabyte of information in that submission! You might not want to try this alone!

Even if you are a LEED-accredited Professional, you still might need some help finalizing the LEED documentation for a project. There is a lot to it, and a lot to keep up-to-date with and you could be missing out of some key aspects that would be of huge benefit to your clients.

Whether it is knowing if you are using the right version of the LEED Letter Template, or have checked the applicability of a Credit by reviewing all of the CIRs, we are here to help you out! We are available hourly or on a per diem basis to help people document their LEED project or train their team.

We have done work for HOK Architects, Montgomery Sisam Architects, LAT49 Architects and Perkins+Will.

Book some time with use today! Just use the contact form on our site and we’ll get you some help in a jiffy!

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