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We are thrilled to announce that Humber River Hospital has been awarded an Innovation Award from the Greater Toronto Area Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council. We wrote the Sustainability Requirements for Humber River Hospital and set a precedent for hospitals and other government facilities throughout the province. Congratulations to the team at PCL Constructors Canada Inc. and all of the team that made this world-class project happen!

Heard of the Fogo Island Inn yet?

As seen on the CBC and other prime-time television shows, this award-winning facility has already attracted visits from the likes of Gwenyth Paltrow, Rick Mercer and the Prime Minister of Canada and was even on Oprah’s “Wow List” in 2013.




 This is more than an energy-efficient sustainable building—this is the pivotal architectural pièce de résistence in the socio-economic transformation of the whole island. Design of the building was founded in a values-based decision-making process instead of a checklist. “Oughtness”, which is a word that has come into dis-use in our day and age, was a key aspect to the facilitation of the integrative design process and the building was designed to last 400 years.

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