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Don’t write “LEED Silver” as a Sustainability Requirement in your RFP. You want more than that. You deserve more than that. We can help you realize your goals and exceed your expectations if you let us help you write your RFP for Design and Engineering Services.


Sustainability Strategy

LEED? Green Globes? Find out what green building strategies are meaningful to you. We create a prioritized list of requirements that is customized for you.


Coaching for Conscious Creators

Big news! Limited spots are available for our new coaching service that will be starting on the 20th of this month.

Welcome to Coaching for Conscious Creators
How you can be a change agent and designer of a future that enables humanity to flourish? What values do you want to use to create the change that you want to see in the world? Are you looking for a mentor for cutting-edge projects that win awards? Do you want to go beyond a checklist?

What are your client’s objectives and what questions can you ask to reveal their mission for transformation? Are you an artist, a designer, or an architect?

Sign up for our free 15-minute coaching call and intake interview to find out more:


Building Integrated Teams

Achieve better, more effective results for your clients that will help win better and more prestigious projects.

 Anticipate and prevent potential breakdowns across interdependent teams and have better options to deal with them when they do occur.


“Sandra is an inspiration to all who work with her and know her. Her determination, dedication and enthusiasm in achieving all her goals is contagious. She is a great advocate of green design, sustainability and she is a very resourceful designer, manager and presenter.

“I recommend Sandra to designers who are looking for real change, real partnerships with our nature, and a new approach to participation in sustainable design.”

~ Loloa Alkawat Architect

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