Specifying a Residential Roofing Material

When I bought my house, it was clear that the roof was going to last for a while. But it is almost 13 years later and the roof is leaking.

I want the shingles to last a long time. If I am going to use a product that is not eco-friendly then I want it to be used as long as possible. Other people may not care. Perhaps they will specify shingles that don’t have a long warranty in order to save some money because they know that they will not be in the same house in ten years’ time. But I see that a product that has a lifetime warranty has value and sometimes you can transfer this warranty over to the new owner of the property.

Future climate studies shown us that there are going to be more and more frequent, and more harsh storm events. The climate in Toronto has already changed and will continue to change with over thirty days over thirty degrees Centigrade projected in 20__.

I want them to be recyclable at the end of life.

I want to invest in good products that have a low environmental  impact.

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