Are You Making a Positive Difference?

Are You Making a Positive Difference?

For how long now, have you been saying you’re going to build something that makes a difference?

As a leader in your industry instead of a follower.

It could be revolutionary.

When are you going to do a development that is actually worth building, really worth building. Worth the carbon. Worth using up the land for. Worth talking about. Worth telling grandchildren about. Maybe not yours, but maybe someone will be telling their grandchildren about it.

It might as well be you that bloody well designs it, build it, maybe even impact the world!

COMPLETELY on your terms. No seriously. On your terms.

Well?! How long?

You know what—it doesn’t even matter. A day, a year, your whole life, who cares? The POINT is that you say you want to build net positive. You realize what’s possible. You have ideas and dreams and visions of how it COULD be done and…

That makes me angry at you.

Of course there’s no reason at all why you should care what I think. And of course if I AM angry at you it’s because I know that it is not a technological issue. We have had the technology to create passive off-grid buildings since the 70’s. And the truth is I’m angry about the crap that is getting built right now.

And I’ll be damned if you’re going to try and tell me that YOU are okay with this… this crap that you thought was okay to build. With GREEN WASHING when we are screwing up the planet, shooting out the platform from under our own feet. Climate has changed! Irma, Katrina, Sandy… forest fires, earthquakes. It is all happening now. The Caribbean will takes over a decade to recover. What will happen if this continues? If you continue to profit from building crap and keep waiting for someone to make you build something better.

NOW is the time for you to step up and do things differently.

So enough.

Enough screwing over our descendants, who are looking back right now mouth hanging open and wondering when the F** you’re going to get your shit together and if you are in fact trying to kill that future you before it ever even has a chance.

Enough playing small –

Safe –

Scared –

Enough of the code-compliant bullshit crap…

It’s time to fly.

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