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Sustainability Guidance at Every Stage of the Project

Get your sustainability strategy off a checklist and into your project plan. Tap into our thirty years of experience as sustainability strategists on projects on five continents. You’ll get a checklist sorted by project phase so that you don’t miss any opportunities again.

Integrated Project Delivery That Works without Email

If you have ever tried to execute an integrative design then you know that collaboration and communication is key. But how many unread emails do you have in your email inbox. How much of the conversation do you need to be part of? Cut through the overwhelm. Get these conversations out of your email inbox and into our platform. You and your team will work more efficiently and effectively. Your projects will start achieving their goals more quickly, without go over your estimates within the first two phases of the project.

“We were able to communicate with our teams more effectively using the enabledchange platform. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again.”

Mehreen Mujib – Project Architect, BNKC Architects

Access Checklists for Each Project Phase

It’s great to have a checklist, but what do you have to do, on a phase-by-phase basis? Our templates translate your design ambitions into a checklist that is assigned to each of your team members for each project phase. This allows you to streamline your efforts.

Minimizing Risk of Screwing Up

Will you get through to the construction phase and discover that you missed something that was critical? Will you need to pursue an Innovation Credit that you should have be tackling in the Concept Design Development phase? We can help you ensure that all your bases are covered, and no balls are dropped.

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