EcoVisionary Foundations: The Sustainable Design Primer

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This course as the essential first step into the world of sustainable, high-performance architecture and interior design.

3-Week Itinerary:

Week 1: Introduction to Sustainable Architectural Principles

  • Session 1: The Essence of Sustainable Architecture
    • Overview of sustainable design principles and their importance in modern architecture and interior design.
  • Session 2: Basics of Passive Design
    • Introduction to the concepts of passive design and its role in energy efficiency.
  • Session 3: Low-Embodied Carbon Materials
    • Exploring materials with low embodied carbon and their application in sustainable building.

Week 2: Core Technologies in Sustainable Design

  • Session 1: Renewable Energy Basics for Architects
    • Understanding the integration of renewable energy sources in building design.
  • Session 2: Smart Building Technologies
    • An overview of smart technologies and their role in enhancing building performance.
  • Session 3: Water Efficiency and Management
    • Fundamentals of water-sensitive design and efficient water management in buildings.

Week 3: Applying Principles to Design

  • Session 1: Designing for Energy Efficiency
    • Practical approaches to incorporating energy efficiency into architectural designs.
  • Session 2: Indoor Environmental Quality
    • Basics of designing for optimal indoor air quality and natural light.
  • Session 3: Project Conceptualization Workshop
    • Participants start conceptualizing a small-scale project applying the principles learned.

Additional Features:

  • Interactive Assignments: Weekly tasks to apply learning in practical scenarios.
  • Discussion Forums: Online forums for peer interaction and knowledge exchange.
  • Resource Library: Access to a curated collection of readings and case studies.

Your Instructor:

  • Sandra Leigh Lester

    Sandra is a nationally recognized green and sustainable buildings expert leader of groundbreaking deep energy retrofits and community transformation projects across Canada for over 30 years. Her experience covers architectural design, building envelope design, shoebox energy modelling, charrette facilitation, deep retrofit design, grant writing, and project management. Sandra provides sustainable design coaching, green building consulting, energy modeling, and project management services to design teams across North America, and in the UK. She is a sought-after guest speaker, facilitator and expert advisor working on projects across North America. Sandra has taught design and design management part-time at various institutions around the world and across the country for over 25 years for prestigious institutions that include Toronto Metropolitan University, George Brown College, Humber College and the University of Technology Sydney.
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