Early-Stage Energy Modelling

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Energy, daylight, carbon analysis and more
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Brand: cove.tool
Maker: analysis.tool

Transform the building design process with data-driven performance insights.

Analyze everything in a single tool—energy, daylight, carbon and more. Make intelligent building performance decisions on every project. Now with automated embodied carbon profiles.

We use a web-based platform that empowers architects, engineers, contractors, and developers to collaborate and make intelligent building performance decisions that reduce design revisions and meet project goals while staying on time and on budget.

Save time & money: Reduce design revisions, speed-up workflows across teams, and keep projects on schedule.

Easy collaboration: simplify the client feedback process, enhance teamwork across disciplines. We bring your team together using a web-based application.

Design quality: reduce workflow errors, increase transparency of design intent, and align performance design decisions.

Performance: incorporate performance base decisions throughout the design process to empower sustainable design and reduce carbon emissions.

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