Healthy Productive Facilities

Attract, retain and enhance your multi-generational work force

When it comes to creating an indoor environment, it’s crucial to use the right combination of effective design strategies, effective materials, heating, ventilation, lighting and acoustic design strategies to create an effective design that will boost productivity.

Sure, collaborative workspaces are all the rage. Yes, it is important to minimize the use of materials in order to reduce our environmental impact. But the biggest unintentional side effect of both trends bad acoustics and then no one gets anything done. It is important to create a space that has daylight, access to views, private heads-down work areas, private areas, and collaborative spaces.

Did you know that you can break down siloes in your organization just by designing your space differently? Have you ever seen an office space that is a mess because it grew organically and everyone is communicating across the office from each other? Or, in contrast, you might have seen someone from one department that is meeting someone from another department for the first time at an office party because they are physically kept so far apart from each other. Sometimes you need a fresh look at your facility design and we can help you out with that. 


As for a healthy indoor environment, we have been specifying healthy interior finishes for twenty-five years. We have been encouraging activity in the workplace for over fifteen years. Don’t just follow a checklist or a rule book. We have determined requirements for the most stringent facilities and we can do it for you. Find out what is appropriate for your facility. We can help you determine what you want to achieve and then coach your interior designers so that you get exceptional results.

There are some great rating systems and standards but you will probably be better off with a tailored combination from all of the more reputable ones, and would be better off not using some of them at all. We can combine them for you and give you a custom recipe for success based on what is important to you.

So either continue using checklist after checklist, or hire us. We have a wealth of knowledge about proven design strategies that will work to make your occupants healthier and more productive.


If you have the opportunity to design a facility from scratch, then we can advise on heating ventilation and lighting strategies that are more effective and more efficient. The heater under the desk be gone! There are exciting developments in these areas that you need to know about! Your engineer will be hesitant to take this on, but we can help you push them, and it will get a better indoor environment and a more productive workplace.

Don’t wait for your next balance sheet to pressure you to find new ways to create more profit. Start investing in your workforce by calling us today!