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Have you thought of how you could get more from your design team? Perhaps you have hired an Architect and they are telling you that it wouldn’t be worth your investment to certify your building. What did you write in your RFP (Request for Proposal for Design Services)?

As green and healthy building consultants, we don’t even get to see many RFP’s. Perhaps you have never made it a mandate to have a green building or healthy building specialist on board for your projects. Perhaps you made it a mandate but only when you are pursuing a certification of the project and you abandon the idea when you don’t pursue certification. It’s time that you got us to work on all of your RFP’s.

Green building rating systems are powerful tools to make sure that you get what you want out of a project. They are often pursued with the intention to get an energy-efficient facility. They are constructed in ways that have less environmental impact. They also use materials that have less impact. Green buildings can include spaces that are better lit by daylight and contain less toxins in the air. Plus the certification can help you get publicity for having invested a little more in doing the right thing and making less impact.

But we have to ask… Do you have someone tailoring your green building rating systems requirements for your RFP? Do you know which aspects of it you want to focus on?

Is one green building rating system enough?

Are the more stringent requirements for indoor air quality found in standards for school or healthcare more appropriate for your workplace?

In regards to health, do you have a passing for an issue that you want to follow through on every time that you build? Do you want explore ways to create and promote a healthy workplace?

Perhaps you want to encourage wellness in the workplace and use design to make occupants more active, more creative and more engaged.

Perhaps you don’t even want the plaque on the wall, but you want the performance and the capacity for a leaner, more effective operation that is more productive and resilient. There are some great tools that we have in our toolbox to help you achieve success.

We can help you tailor your Request for Proposal for Design Services (RFP). We have helped organizations such as Infrastructure Ontario, The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) and Fogo Island Inn and many others on billions of dollars worth of new builds and retrofits.

Reach out to us today and you’ll be glad that you did.

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