What’s your approach?

We determine the objectives for the project using a proprietary process. Then we determine how best to meet those objectives by creating a custom recipe that combines a variety of rating systems and standards.

What’s your secret for success?

Our approach to sustainable has to evolve and change quickly. We will not create a sustainable future by do “less bad”. We need to create developments that restore our ecosystems. We enable our clients to see how transformative architecture also transforms their organization.

What is the symbol in your logo?

We were inspired by the National Geographic, and the power that they had to connect people to our environment and remote communities. The icon in the logo represents a powerful mountain standing in the landscape—standing for the best future possibility that can emerge for your design project.

Are You an Architect or an Engineer?

No, we pride ourselves on being a separate type of entity who has a foundation in facilitation.

We know that architects and engineers are experts in their fields. We don’t want to replace them.

Exceptional design, however, requires technical expertise. We have a roster of energy modellers, project managers, specialists and other support staff that are trained using our bespoke consulting process.

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