Energy Efficiency Consulting Services


Passive buildings are energy efficient buildings. Passive buildings harness solar energy and take advantage of prevailing winds and passive cooling. We have had the technologies to create passive and resilient buildings that are healthy occupants for decades.

How have you been measuring success in terms of energy efficiency?

Are you using comparative measures (ASHRAE 90.1)? Are you using Energy Use Intensity? Have you seen how your buildings perform in regards to Carbon Use Intensity?

Will you be targeting Net Zero Ready? Net Zero Carbon?

Which ways to measure success are the most meaningful to your organization? Which will resonate with all of your stakeholders?

We are familiar with all of the top rating systems and standards and we use them as inspiration for what is possible. We will do early-stage energy modelling for your project and help you determine the strategies to use to create and energy efficient building.

If you are doing a deep retrofit we will model the existing building and determine the design parameters that are the most effective at reaching your goals for the return on investment that you are targeting. If you want off-the-books alternative financing then we can help you procure the services to get the work done for no capital cost and with a net positive cash flow.

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