Established in 2010, we help nonprofits, NGO’s and corporations discover ways to use design to create more energy-efficient healthy and resilient buildings. We work alongside architects and their design team acting as an impartial advisor.

We are experts in passive design that will reduce your heating and cooling loads and save your capital costs. Our initiatives for corporate clients have a payback of nine years or less.

Indoor environmental quality and design for wellbeing are other area of expertise. Use our strategies to create a workspaces that will attract talent and make them more productive.

We have been enabling companies like yours to create award-winning facilities. Hire us and discover the affectingchange difference. We have a network of experts that can help you and we look forward to working with you.


Sandra Leigh Lester

Founder & CEO

 Hi, I’m Sandra. I’m a Sustainable Design Guru. Having grown up on construction sites, and having worked on hundreds of sustainable design projects during my career, this all comes quite naturally to me. I have worked on game-changing projects that have set precedents and have won over seventy-five awards.

When I was just eleven years old, my life suddenly changed—my Mum called and told me that there had been a disaster on the other side of town. I went with my family to help out the victims of what we found out was a F4 tornado that had hit my city. I had landed in the middle of a war zone. It was this experience that connected me emotionally to these doomsday predictions of more frequent severe weather events from climate change and this is why I am so passionate about resilience and about creating passive energy-efficient low-carbon buildings.

I am trained as an architectural scientist with a major in architectural design and a minor in project management so I know materials science and the way buildings work. I’m a futurist so I designed a manned mission to Mars in 1994… but I have since decided that we should focus on fixing things here on Earth.

My twenties and thirties were spent doing sustainable design work for some of the best design firms in Australia and in Canada and I am a registered Designer for interior spaces and small buildings (ARIDO IDC). My clients included Apple Australia; and Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney.

I have had some rare allergies and an autoimmune disease for several decades and making myself well lead me to realize that the design of our spaces affect our health. In that end, I became a Certified Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS) and I am able to design exercise programs and spaces.

My interest in discovering more about green building certification lead me to become a LEED-accredited Professional (LEED AP BD+C) and ended up teaching the LEED-accreditation prep course for HOK Architects. But there is more to sustainability than LEED, so I became a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor (CSBA) and taught the Certified Sustainable Building Advisor course for the Canada Green Building Council.

My decades of work sustainable design has showed me that we already have the technology to create passive sustainable buildings—it’s whether or not we decide to invest in better buildings that needs to change. I have a passion for exploring how buildings can enable organizations and society to thrive and the tools that I gained by exploring a Masters Certificate in Organization Development really helped me enable my clients to make better decisions for themselves. 

In my spare time I advocate for climate change solutions and was the volunteer Community Engagement Leader for the Riverdale Pilot for Project Neutral. A few years ago I trained as a Climate Reality Leader by Al Gore and I am available for speaking engagements upon request.

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