Established in 2010, the goal of affectingchange was to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions from buildings significantly. We have worked on many projects over the last ten years and have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon. Our goal for the next ten years is to shut down coal-fired plants across North America. Shutting down coal plants resonates deeply with our mission for social justice, equity, and the mission to create a flourishing future for all of humanity.

How do we do this? We look at buildings differently.

We start by using our exclusive organizational change and development tools to determine your organizational values and goals for the project. This is much more than a checklist. Not only is the typical payback, ROI, or NPV included, but we also do a carbon risk management assessment.

Knowing the goals, we go right down into the design process with your design team. We know where and when to use state-of-the-art specialty modelling and tools to ensure your building will be truly high performance.


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