RFP for a $4.2-million Toronto Community Housing Retrofit

The best project results from the best start. We worked closely on behalf of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund to find out what the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) wanted to achieve on their project. There are seven buildings spread over four sites that house 1,200 households.

We found a number of synergies between the goals of TAF and TCHC. Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions was a goal that would require the upgrade of building mechanical systems and envelope. The resultant energy savings meant reduced operational costs, reduced maintenance costs, and steps also need to be taken to protect, restore and increase the indoor air quality.

The result is that we wrote an effective goal- and process-oriented RFP for the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process in order to ensure that they will assess each building as a system and hit all of these targets. It was an honour to work with both TAF and TCHC and we are excited to the winning proponent team, Ecosystem, take on this retrofit work.

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