Humber River Regional Hospital

Affecting Change Inc. is consulting to HOK Architects Inc. on the sustainability strategy for Humber River Regional Hospital.

It will be Ontario’s first digital hospital and will include the latest advancements in infection control and a robotic delivery system. The new facility will be lean, green and digital, leveraging the latest technology to improve safety, reliability, accuracy and efficiency. It will incorporate hardware and software renewal strategies to ensure that the new hospital is always on the cutting edge of the latest developments in healthcare technology. It will use that technology and efficiency of design to be a patient, family and community-friendly showcase hospital.

The area surrounding the hospital will include lots of green space and walking trails creating a safe space for families, friends and neighbours. The new Humber will have 656 acute care beds with the potential to expand as needed. Humber will anchor a 74-acre Provincial Government Campus that will include Forensic Services and the Coroner’s Complex. Humber and its campus partners will lead the way for much needed civic renewal.

Humber River Regional Hospital believes health, health care and the environment are inextricably linked. The design and construction of the new hospital will adhere to the guidelines and sustainability principles of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, with a goal of achieving LEED® Silver certification. LEED buildings focus on healthy indoor environments, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and efficient use of energy, water and other resources.

Both the indoor and outdoor environments will be conducive to good public health, including air quality, thermal comfort, noise and aesthetics and it is designed to promote healthy lifestyle for patients and community through increased physical activity in appealing, secure and comfortable walking areas and gardens.

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