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We were established in 2009 because we believe that humanity can create a flourishing future for itself and we believe that this future begins with designing our built environment so that it facilitates and enables that future to emerge. 

We are in a climate crisis, and we are losing aspects of ourselves when a remote tribe no longer knows its own language, when the last White Rhino dies, or when a plant goes extinct in a remote jungle that would have cured a type of disease or cancer. There is nothing that inspires us to do our work more than seeing life on this Earth, our only home, flourish—whether it is a Maasai Warrior that is enabled to continue their traditions, or an established old growth forest that will continue evolving forever.

Our clients are Architects, Designers, and Organizations that are working in the built environment. We are the creators of Reveal It assessment tool and we are the cocreators of Biologically Integrated Architecture.

We are called, “Affecting Change” because you are doing the change and we are well known for our ability to help people see the opportunity for making different decisions on their projects.

We help organizations create facilities that are more effective at achieving their mission and purpose while conscientiously redesigning their environmental impact. Our projects are located across Canada, in the Philippines, in the U.S. and in the Middle East and they have won over 60 awards.

Hire us to find out how you can create the change that you want to see in the world.


Sandra Leigh Lester




Sandra enables and empowers organizations to create net biologically restorative architecture that enables humanity to thrive.

Sandra started off energy modelling for off-grid buildings in the early 1990’s while she was designing a manned mission to Mars. She had a twenty-year career in Interior Architecture and Organizational Development. In 2009, she was with HOK Architects as their Sustainable Design Area Leader. Sandra has been focused on creating award winning high performance buildings for the last ten years.

Sandra’s educational background includes architectural science, multi-disciplinary design, change management, as well as health and fitness.

“A thriving future is ours when we start to imagine it.”, she says.

A LEED-accredited Professional, she holds a degrees in architectural science and a Masters Certificate in Organizational Development and Change Management. Sandra is a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor (CSBA) and was chosen by the CaGBC to teach the certification course in Toronto.


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