Not Drowning, Dancing

The most important decision that we can make as consultants is what projects we take on, and which projects decide to pass on.

Often called the, “Go, No Go”, this is usually put through a litmus test or a decision-making process that is based on an economic analysis and alignment to the firm’s strategy.

Today I am decided to pass up on yet another LEED® Certification RFP because the client is doing the opposite of what should be done. The sustainability consultant should be hired at the beginning of the process to determine the strategy and to evaluate the undertakings that would bring about a more-effective project.

Instead, on this project, the consultant is being brought in to merely document and prove the process. It is better late than never, but it seems that they are more like an auditor than driver of the process. What effects are they going to have on either process or the outcomes? Not many.

I’d rather be involved earlier on in the process, ensuring that the client is moving in the right direction in the first instance, instead of trying to put the paperwork together to prove that they did.


by M.J. Wheatley

For far too many years
I have wanted to be flawless,
      Perfecting my pursuits,
      I bargained all for love.
For all those years
I made masks of my own doing,
      Pursuing my perfection,
      I found I was pursued.
And then
one day
I fell
      on the fertile
      ground of self.
Naked in dirt
no mask
no bargains
I raised my soiled face
and there
      you were.
I struggled to stand.
Dirt from my body fell
in your eyes.
Your hand reached for me.
your hand reached
There is, in all of us, the place of pure perfection.
We discover its geography together.